I have often wondered if I could run a simulated world, using off the shelf video games to make an narrative of an alternative timeline. Using the game mechanics of the games to write a narrative of world events.

The purpose of this blog is to record this adventure.

I am using democracy 3 as the political simulation for the country. I am no expert on this game, so this will likely end in failure at some point. Each turn of Democracy 3 represents three months. Therefore, I will need to fit this in with the other simulations I am using.

For any conflicts or other military matters that need simulating, I will be using Command: Modern Air/Naval Ops.

So the first two games should cover politics and warfare, next I will move onto sport. This should be able to flesh out the world a little more.

Clearly, Football will be represented, and for this I will use the venerable Football Manager franchise:

This will add its own drama to the world whilst the slow turning political aspect moves along.

In addition, I think I will also use the following games:

Cricket Captain 2015

Out of the park Baseball 2017

Motor Sport Manager

I have a number of other simulations which should add to the flavour of the narrative.

Anyway - here goes - an alternative virtual world run using computer simulations.


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